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 purchase of a holiday gift, please
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Holiday Wish 

Teens with Promise


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                                                                               HOW CAN YOU HELP?


In celebration of the 2018 Holiday Season, Teens with Promise and the Colorado Springs Police Department once again are partnering together to fulfill holiday wishes for over 1,000 El Paso County kids living in poverty.

There are TWO ways you can HELP!!!

Select a wish and make a financial donation towards the purchase of that gift.  Teens with Promise staff will then fulfill that wish.  Please click on the PayPal link below and write the child's name and tag number in the comment section when making your donation.  This will help us link the donation to the correct child.

Select a child's name and tag number and do the shopping yourself.  After you have purchased the gift, please drop it off at the Teens with Promise office.  After the gift is received at the Teens with Promise office, the wish be removed from the list below.  If the wish is filled twice, Teens with Promise will pass the additional gift onto another child in need.

Drop Off Locations:
               Teens with Promise, 5775 N. Academy Blvd. (Vickers & Academy inside of Promises Boutique)
                                                                  Tuesday - Friday 10-3 pm 

Fermentation Home Wine Making, 5765 N. Academy Blvd. (Vickers & Academy)
                                       Monday - Thursday 3- 7pm, Fridays 3 -to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm

For more information, please call  (719) 266-0106.  


4.  Isabel is 14 loves the Walking Dead show, she would like anything related to the show.

9.  Richard is 12 and would love some mind challenging games.

10. Anna is 16 and like some Anime books, Fairytale 2- 5.

11.  Tina is 13 and loves to draw. She would like sketch books and pencils.

12.  Beatrice has always wanted some perfume from Victoria secret.

15.  Sammi is 13 and would like a large furry blanket for Christmas.

18.  Karen is 15 and loves movies.  She has asked for 5 Nights of Freddy movies....

20.  Jennifer is 12 and would love some fun crafts activities.

21.  Nick is 14 and would love to have some Golden State gear (men's medium)

22.  Melody is 13 and has always wanted a pair of  white Van shoes (women's 6)  

24.  Wyatt is 14 and would like a gift card to Dick's Sporting to purchase camping gear.  He loves nature.

25.  Kylie is 13  and would some new headphones for Christmas.

26.  Troy is 12 and spends a lot of time putting together legos.  He would like a fun lego set.

27.  Brandon is 16 and is grateful for anything for Christmas.  He likes PS4 games and headphones.

28.  Frances would love some bamboo knitting needles and fussy socks for Christmas.

29.  Crystal is 15 and would like the opportunity to go out to lunch friends.  She would like fast food gift cards (Chipotle, Qdoba, Dutch Bros, etc).

30.  Bobbie is 14 and loves board games.  She would like the games Mancala and Apples to Apples.

31.  Teri is 16 and struggles with anxiety.  She would love to have a weighted blanket to help her sleep. (large)

32.  Shantel is 12 and likes to draw.  She would like art supplies for sketching.

33. Miranda is 13 and would like a pink or purple soccer ball.

34. Joey is 13 needs a new pair of pants.  He would really like  a pair of Stonewash, boot cut Levi Jeans (size16)

35.  Laura is 12 and would love a pair of Harry Potter pj's ( 2xl)

36.  Carlos is 13 and would like fast food gift cards so he can go to lunch with his friends.

37.  Arianna is 14 and would like a pair of headphones for the holidays.

38.  Anthony would like some earbuds or headphones for the holidays.

39.  Indy is 13 and would like a make-up organizer and eye shadows .

40.  Mathew is 16 and lives in poverty,  He would love a nice bottle of cologne :)

41.  Devan is in need of some new clothes.  He would like some Adidas shirts (mens medium)

42.  Henry is 13 and walks home alone from school.  Mom would love for him to have a prepaid phone on him incase of an emergency.

43.  Marlene would like some indoor cleats so she can join the soccer team.  size 6 shoe

44.  Aaron is 12 and would like some adult coloring books and pencils.

45.  Manuel would like a giftcard to American Eagle so he can purchase a new pair of pants.