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Teens with Promise

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Teens with Promise is a 501(c)3 charitable, nonprofit organization with a mission of developing resiliency among vulnerable teens. Teens With Promise provides high quality, innovative services for disadvantaged and disconnected youth. 

Teens with Promise recruits local professionals such as physicians, dentists, and optometrists to unite them with local youth in need of healthcare. These professionals donate their time and talents to help teens that otherwise go without proper care. With the cooperation of local churches and businesses, Teens With Promise has provided high school students with backpacks and school supplies; winter coats and other clothing; sports equipment and recreational opportunities; and necessary educational equipment. 

Teens With Promise has a mission to build resiliency and positive self-esteem among teens in the Pikes Peak region by creating and enhancing opportunities for education, recreation, and social engagement.

Teens with Promise was established with the primary focus of serving individuals who might otherwise fall through the cracks of educational, social service, and child welfare systems. It serves the community by creating and renewing a capacity for hope and resiliency among young people. Children who develop resiliency have a greater chance of success in adulthood. Recent theories define resiliency as a capacity for successful adaptation in the face of adverse conditions. Children who can experience as normal a life as possible have a better chance for successful life outcomes. Teens With Promise helps normalize life for needy youth in the Pikes Peak region.