Teens with Promise

Our organizational mission is to advocate for at-risk teens in the Pikes Peak Region by creating and enhancing opportunities 
to complete their education, while promoting recreation and
social activities


​Corporate Sponsors Needed!!

Imagine being a teen without adequate food, shelter, clothing, medical/dental care or the necessary supplies to get through a normal day at school, let alone graduate.

For these teens, their present existence is challenging at best, but the long-term effects of their low self-esteem, self-confidence, and educational performance will be far more devastating, if there’s no supportive intervention.

On Friday, September 22, 2017, the Teens with Promise annual fundraising dinner will take place. This fun-filled evening of dining and entertainment, along with unique and exclusive auction items, will raise funds to help underwrite the needs of over 2,500 local homeless and disadvantaged youth between the ages of 13 and 18 in the coming year.

With the aforementioned in mind, it is our hope that you will join us in our efforts to aid these youth in not only succeeding in school but also in life by becoming a sponsor of this year’s event. Please call 719-216-6190 for more information.

Reach Out

It is estimated that 939 people in El Paso county experience homelessness on a single night; 148 of whom are homeless youth aged 13-25.

Lisa Cintron
Board Member  

Sgt. Lisa Cintron has spent 25 years in law enforcement. Currently serving as a Sergeant over the school resource officers.  Board member since 2014

Russ Bone

Board Member 2015

Russ Bone, L.C.S.W. is a school social worker for School District 11 since 1999.



​​​​Daniel R. Henley, M.D.
Board President

Dr. Daniel Henley is a licensed family physician with the Aspen Creek Medical Group. Dr. Henley has served as a key leader on the Board since 2005.

We Believe
All Teens Have  Promise



Teens with Promise, 3540 N. Academy Blvd., C/S  80917          

 PH:  719-266-0106
 Located inside of Promises Boutique: (Intersection of North Carefree and Academy, behind Wades Cafe)

Kathy Brown

Board Member 2015
Kathy works for Cameron Butcher Real Estate Company as a Property Manager. Being a teen in the foster care system herself, she understands the struggles & obstacles teens face everyday. 



Our Mission

Members of the community who came together for the annual toy drive 

Meet Our Team

Executive Director Robin Coen with Police Chief Pete Carey and Sheriff Bill Elder 

Teens with Promise operates a Teen Shop dedicated to providing teenagers with the supplies they need to start and stay in school. Teens are provided with clothing, school supplies, sports  equipment, medical/dental care, and holiday gifts. The charity also provides services to homeless youth trying to finish school. All materials are provided at no cost to the student.   Teens with Promise has provided services to over 5,000 youth in El Paso County.

Robin Coen

Executive Director 

​Robin Coen has worked for over twenty years in the social service field. Serving as an advocate for children in foster care and in the mental health field. 

Helping Teens in Our Community

Pamela Reeves, M.B.A.

Pamela Reeves has worked in public and healthcare accounting for 13 years.  Pam is a founding member of the Teens with Promise Board.